1 - What does it do?

Mover reads data from the phone accelerometer and sums it out throughout the day. Your average level of activity is then translated into a type of person (Sleeper, Sitter, Lagger, Walker, Mover or Hyper). It will also make you aware if you are moving less or more than usual on a given day or week hinting at when you should exercise more.

2 - How is my activity level translated into a person type?

Until mid-September a set of fixed thresholds will be used to determine your type. From mid-September on, when the community of Movers will start to build, your activity level will be compared with the levels of the community of Movers to determine your type. For instance, if Mover tells you are a Hyper, this means that you are on the top 16% of the community. If it tells you are a Sleeper, then you are on the bottom 16%.

3 - How can I stop tracking my activity?

Pressing the 'shutdown' button on the main screen will stop the background monitoring of your movement.

4 - What type of activity does Mover record? What happens if I am in a train or car?

Mover (still) cannot distinguish between walking from, for instance, going on a train. Of course it won't record the whole movement of the train, just the trepidation and acceleration that you feel inside the train. You can always stop the tracking by pressing the shutdown button in Mover's UI when moving inside a car , motorbike or train.

5 - What is the fall detection algorithm and how can I use it?

Mover also includes a fall detection algorithm that triggers an audio alarm if, after the fall, no movement is detected (meaning that the user is possibly unconscious). It is possible to configure a set of two contacts that will be alerted of this event either through SMS or email. To enable the fall alerts go to the menu->preferences->Fall Alert and enable it. There you can also configure the contacts. Be aware that this feature consumes more battery.

6 - Does using Mover affect the autonomy of my phone battery?

Mover runs in the background even when you are not using the phone so it might affect your battery life. In our experiments we were able to use Mover up to +20 hours without recharging. If the fall detection feature is enable this can go down to 10 hours. Turning Wifi and GPS off also help your battery lasting longer when using Mover.